Who we are?

An electronic educational programs company that seeks to keep pace with the age and work on empowering young people to be independent learners through practical international programs translated and adapted to the Arab environments, and work to integrate them in the electronic sector to be modern and attractive. all are done in a professional manner and a high level of administrative performance and technical to enable young people from drawing their future and their ideas and training projects in a manner Kouchnk.

Portage Plus

An Program for early identification of children's strengths and weaknesses, Early detection of developmental problems of childrens. The program is internationally recognized and has implications for its sincerity and stability through its implementation in more than 45 countries. Developmental aspects of the program are: physical, self-helping, social, cognitive, communicative. Each child has a specific plan based on his / her evaluation: less than peers / peers / higher than peers. The program develops interactive plans based on evaluation results and provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment services to educational institutions.

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Self Learner

A special program for young entrepreneurs. The idea of the program is to empower young people to be independent self-learners and to support them to be capable of achievement and production. The target age group in this system will be from 14 to 22 years.

  • Consists of two stages: first level (foundation) level II (advanced).
  • The first level consists of two parts: planning and impact.
  • The second level consists of two parts: control and Formation.
  • Each section consists of 25 training sessions.
  • The program is based on the self-learning system.
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Talents Zone

An electronic platform whose idea is to serve talented people to highlight their talents and compete among them and refine these talents through extracurricular activities.
The aspects dealt with by the site / technical side / literary side / social responsibility side / invention side / sports side / academic side.

  • Supporting youth capacities in the production of innovative ideas.
  • Investing and harnessing creative talents to serve themselves and their countries.
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Skills for Life relies on Deming model to design educational programs for beneficiaries.

Active: Analyze results and take appropriate action.

Plan: Develop hypothesis and design experiment.

Do: Conduct experiment.

Check: Measure results.

A program suitable for summer clubs between the two seasons and Saturdays.

Active start: Through nutrition and physical health.

Learning to train: Teaching basic skills through practice.

Training to train: Applied Hierarchy Training.

Training to compete: Through repetition and strong feelings.

Training to win: Through competitions.

Active for life: Activities for Life.


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